Services for companies

Studio Ciattaglia, Pellegrini & Partners provides consultancy and assistance in national and international tax and corporate law.

Corporate finance

Evaluation and development of economic-financial models. The firm deals with the following areas, using highly qualified professionals with many years of experience:

  • advice on access to ordinary and subsidised loans;
  • extraordinary financial transactions;
  • debt restructuring;
  • preparation of business plans;
  • analysis and reorganisation of the company's assets and finances;
  • support for companies' growth projects by analysing and structuring extraordinary operations and defining specific financing;
  • organisation of structured operations to improve the Net Working Capital profile of companies;
  • evaluation of debt sustainability of financial means and rehabilitation and restructuring operations: assistance and preparation of rehabilitation plans, debt restructuring agreements and arrangements;
  • business planning;
  • support and assistance in dealing with financial institutions;
  • company valuation through the main methodologies (income, equity, mixed, discounted cash flow, multipliers, etc.);
  • evaluation of specific investments;
  • support and assistance in extraordinary finance operations;
  • analysis of company performance through reclassifications and balance sheet ratios;
  • support in the budgeting process and in periodic progress reviews;
  • design and implementation of company dashboards/tableau de bord;
  • ad hoc development of management control models;
  • management, evaluation and budget analysis.

The firm has correspondents in foreign and non-European countries,

including commercial and legal firms.

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